List of papers published in Acta Oecologica – Vol 42 – July 2012
Special issue: Biodiversity and Global Change in Southern Africa
Edited by Finn Kjellberg

Claudine Montgelard  and Conrad A. Matthee. The GDRI191 (2007-2010): Biodiversity and Global Change in Southern Africa. pp:1-2
- Adrian M. Shrader, Caroline Bell, Liandra Bertolli and David Ward. Forest or the trees: At what level do elephants make foraging decisions? pp:3-10
Florian Barnier, Sophie Grange, Andre Ganswindt, Hlengisizwe Ncubed and Patrick Duncan. Inter-birth interval in Zebras is longer following the birth of male foals than after female foals. pp:11-15
- Sophie Grange, Norman Owen-Smith, Jean-Michel Gaillard, Dave J. Druce, Marcos Moleón and Mandisa Mgobozi. Changes of population trends and mortality patterns in response to the reintroduction of large predators: the case study of African ungulates. pp:16-29.
Guila Ganem, Christine N. Meynard, Manon Perigault, Jennifer Lancaster , Shelley
Edwards, Pierre Caminade, Johan Watson, Neville Pillay. Environmental correlates and co-occurrence of three mitochondrial lineages of striped-mice (Rhabdomys) in the Free State Province (South Africa). pp:30-40.
- Janice Britton-Davidian, Terence J. Robinson, and Frédéric Veyrunes. Systematics and evolution of the African pygmy mice, subgenus Nannomys: a review. pp:41-49.
Claudine Montgelard  and Conrad A. Matthee. Tempo of genetic diversification in southern African rodents: the role of Plio-Pleistocene climatic oscillations as drivers for speciation. pp:50-57.
Claudine Ah-Peng, Nicholas Wilding, Juergen Kluge, Blandine Descamps-Julien, Jacques Bardat, Min Chuah-Petiot, Dominique Strasberg and Terry A.J. Hedderson. Bryophyte diversity and range size distribution along two altitudinal gradients: continent vs. island. pp:58-65.

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